NHS Doctors to Consultants

Can have a slightly higher income multiple when it comes to taking a new mortgage, or a slightly stretched affordability. Why you may ask yourself would this be, because they have a slightly improved pay scale dependant on number of years in the job !

It is not easy getting on the housing ladder these days, not only do you have to meet lenders income multiples but you have to demonstrate that you can afford the repayment after taking into account your other living expenses. So not only do you have to prove that you can afford child care, or transport to work costs. You have to show the underwriter that you are a good risk for the lender to take on.

Then pray that when everything goes up, and your income does to, or you have to get good at negotiating with your creditors like the Utility company or your child care provider. Did you know that there is a benefit checker at https://www.turn2us.org.uk/ which helps check to see if you are getting the correct support and to help people beat poverty.

Also whilst I am on the subject the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), yes it’s not a taxi can help with spiralling debt problems, if that is something that is causing an issue.

What is on my mind this week?

Well the news is filled with the Russian (Ex USSR) reclaiming their land although obviously the locals don’t like it. The thing about Russia is it would help to try and understand the history, look back to the 1990’s which unfortunately some of the Russian government seem to be stuck in that period of time. I kind of know how that feels, life was good in the old days.

People need to work together, and if your bored watch a bit of Bald, (He is an ex banker believe it or not). He has opened up about some of the Old USSR and it’s worth a watch.

Just 3 years ago………somewhere is Belarus

Online Diary

Why anyone would write their personal opinions on line for everyone to see I don’t know, but I guess if your getting paid for it there would be slightly more motivation.

Inflation what a load of old baloney, milk at the co-op reduced to £1, Bread if you can call it that 75p. The cost of second hand cars through the roof, and if you want to get home improvements done don’t expect much change from £7.5k. (Four windows and a Patio Door) Shop around is what my business partner says !

There you have it the bank of England swear that inflation is here and my word interest rates might start to look “normal” cough cough. If your suffering the £20 a week cut in Universal Credit you don’t feel inflation. If you look in the garden centre there seem to be more staff than customers and the Christmas trees are still £14.99 even after Christmas. However the good news is you can pick up a Pretty calendar for £4.99 which is half price.

Happy new year 2022 is going to be pretty much like last year I guess, covid is going to do one, at least I hope so. Just the blinking fuel bill, may be there is inflation, at whose expense?

Signing off in Jeremy Clarkson type way Bollocks to 2021.

Christmas 2021

What a year that has just been, a new virus just arrived in the UK, how much more can we take, what will the government have in store for January? Not another lock down surely.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It’s the year that didn’t happen, and the only person to blame is of course yours truly, no excuses, it just didn’t happen my dreams of building an iconic Trump type tower didn’t happen. In very simple terms I didn’t take the actions to make it happen. In fact in most unusual times the local council back tracked on a whole field of development, most unusual however finally some of the morons in the council might have woken to the fact that most of the island where we live is only 6 feet above sea level. YES hello, we going to be underwater soon anyway. Plus we don’t need any more infill development and yes all the poor farmers who desperately want to give way our food growing fields to greedy developers. Well I am sorry mate you might just have to do something useful with your fields like grow food.

Anyway I hope you and yours have a good Christmas and lets hope next year is a Healthy and a Happy one.

Freedom of speech about “Net Zero”

This is the great thing about the internet there is almost anything that can be said and as long as it is not blatantly racist or inciting violence you can not go wrong because it is just thoughts and words. So here I go todays, little thoughts from me!

We’ve had this funny couple of weeks in the UK press around energy. OK so first they announce a shortage of gas and prices rising at some stupid rate. Next the British people rush out and buy petrol, (A bit like the Loo roll situation 18 months ago). This got me thinking because a lot of energy people talk about the race to net zero, I was thinking what is net zero about? Is it us thinking of ways to reduce our use of fuel. Or is it a greater concern, as in I think back and actually at school when they said no more petrol after the North sea supplies run out, well it appears that production of North sea oil is dropping and will continue to do so, this is according to graphs produced ONline ! So actually net zero might be a bit like the future, when there is no gas and no petrol. Well I think I might open an electric battery factory on a large scale, would anyone like to join me? I know the big car / transport companies are already investigating this and it is hardly surprising. How much am I panic in the short term mode and how much is a real future concern, about where our fuel will come from?

Who knows, who cares but if you would like to joint venture with me on battery production get in touch !

The Space Race and 100% mortgages !

Two billionaires make it into space within a couple of weeks of each other, am I missing the point? It is not going to resolve global warming, humanities problems are on the earth, I guess brilliant business brains have to let their steam off some how and some where.

Anyway now thinking about housing your children 100% mortgages for first time buyers are back ! There is a catch, of course there would be you need a family member to chip in some deposit by way of security for the next 7 years. However for some it might be the help they need to get onto the property ladder. Terms and conditions apply, interest rates look reasonable and legal advice would be required for the people guaranteeing the security. The UK housing market is so expensive, but when has it ever been cheap?