I am looking to add a donations page to the site, why would someone donate? That is a good question, financial advice provided by the banks is free at the point of entry right, you can walk into your bank or building society and say can you tell me about, borrowing to buy a house,Continue reading “Advice”

Inherited property and consumer buy to let.

What does it mean for inheriting offspring to take on the family home. It is never going to made to look like a simple process because the legal profession want a part of the pie, but does it really have to be that difficult. There are so many ways to retain ownership of property asContinue reading “Inherited property and consumer buy to let.”

The take-aways from the British Steel Pensions

From an outsiders point of view it seems that the original scheme offered by British Steel was a final salary scheme I would imagine with some guarantees, the problem being at the point of being taken over by Tata, there was talk of transferring the said final salary scheme to a money purchase with aContinue reading “The take-aways from the British Steel Pensions”


I just made that title up. No such word, however having just listened to a meeting about the British Steel pension scheme fiasco, it just makes me think. South Wales has had it’s steel industry effectively moth balled, it’s paid off all the old staff with a very dodgy sounding pension shenanigans. There is mis-trustContinue reading “Unindustrialisation”