I am looking to add a donations page to the site, why would someone donate?

That is a good question, financial advice provided by the banks is free at the point of entry right, you can walk into your bank or building society and say can you tell me about, borrowing to buy a house, buy your half out of an inheritance, plus many other pieces of advice.

You can take out some insurance. All you have to do is make an appointment an employee of the bank will follow their process maybe ask a few pertinent questions and advise you, easy. But what happens if you want advice from us, qualified advisers who have got the knowledge can access not just one banks products but several and also do a thorough investigation of what you need.

It’s going to take time and therefore a bit of money, hence my idea to ask for a donation, I know you don’t know me, and if your anything like me your reluctant to pay for “advice” online. However we have partnered up with a reputable charging provider in Stripe and we are happy to give it a go if you are ! Now where is that donate button…


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Living in England, contactable via e-mail details on request

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