Do not panic

Market turmoil is just that, there will be buyers and sellers, winners and losers, and the funny thing is it’s just an emotion. There are shifts that will affect a market, interest rates is one thing that could affect the housing market, from people who are trying to enter the market, (How much can I borrow, and how much is it going to cost?) Interest rates go up it is going to cost the borrower more, and potentially you won’t be able to borrow as much. Makes sense, does it? Then there will be people who are already in the market, and trying to keep a handle on their budgets, not easy for any of you at the moment. Especially if you are being requested to pay more for something that cost less just a few months ago.

People leaving the market, may have to review their expectations as to how much the market will pay for their property, none of this is rocket science, it is mostly common sense. What can I say, seek help where it is needed, never be afraid to talk, because talk is cheap, and there will be people willing to listen and some may even be able to help. As you go a long your journey. All will have a different experience just remember there are only so many hours in one day, and only so much that can be achieved, don’t stress, accept things that are out of your control and try to be nice to people because one day you will be on a different path.

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