I just made that title up. No such word, however having just listened to a meeting about the British Steel pension scheme fiasco, it just makes me think. South Wales has had it’s steel industry effectively moth balled, it’s paid off all the old staff with a very dodgy sounding pension shenanigans. There is mis-trust between the retired workers and the financial watchdogs. “We was robbed” I think are the words being branded around, and there may well be anger in the tone of voice.

And if you look back at Mrs Thatcher closing the majority of coal mines, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Is this a temporary closure or is this a more sinister enforcement of NET ZERO. I don’t know, and to a certain 10 degrees I don’t care, my eco solar panels have produced 515kilowatts of electric since well about 5 weeks ago, not enough to cool down the south of England that is for sure.

And nor is it enough to power an electric car for everyday use, so we are doomed, we are going to melt and more than likely starve due to climate change, never mind and keep your chin up as one of my favourite bosses used to say. Have a great rest of the day.

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