Confusion Reigns in the UK

Well Boris is going to step down from Being Prime Minister in the Autumn, I don’t really do politics, however I give the man credit yes he may be a Buffoon, but he sticks with his beliefs and doesn’t say I can’t handle this, neither does he leave in tears. This isn’t my thought of the day. Todays thoughts are about Power, you know the stuff that comes through the wires and well heat from somewhere. It’s mid summer here no cold damp autumn weather, so reasons to be happy about having solar panels, keeping my electrical items running for “free” whilst the sun is out. And If I had a battery, keeping the lights on for the evening. Never mind I have a grid system so excess power worms it’s way back into the grid, for someone else to use.

This gets me thing how much power is silently sitting on the roof, could pumping air in a controlled way even work in the autumn, as in heat? Or have I just forgotten about how winter really is just cold and dark. Who knows or more to the point how smart is my little electric fan in the loft? (there is more to this of course)

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