NHS Doctors to Consultants

Can have a slightly higher income multiple when it comes to taking a new mortgage, or a slightly stretched affordability. Why you may ask yourself would this be, because they have a slightly improved pay scale dependant on number of years in the job !

It is not easy getting on the housing ladder these days, not only do you have to meet lenders income multiples but you have to demonstrate that you can afford the repayment after taking into account your other living expenses. So not only do you have to prove that you can afford child care, or transport to work costs. You have to show the underwriter that you are a good risk for the lender to take on.

Then pray that when everything goes up, and your income does to, or you have to get good at negotiating with your creditors like the Utility company or your child care provider. Did you know that there is a benefit checker at https://www.turn2us.org.uk/ which helps check to see if you are getting the correct support and to help people beat poverty.

Also whilst I am on the subject the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), yes it’s not a taxi can help with spiralling debt problems, if that is something that is causing an issue.

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