New normal

Well what a year 2020 was, who would have guessed. What next project 2025 or project 2030 obviously no body has thought this up yet, I mean it’s too early for the UK to rejoin the EU, and we can’t have another pandemic that soon.

I just pray that my netflix keeps on working and that people can keep on keeping on, as my aged relatives used to say. It does make me wonder though how trends happen, apparently Big sheds are going to be part of the future. I don’t know why it’s possibly due to the continuing decline of the high street, what a shame. I loved going to the shops when I had a few extra pounds in my pocket. And I still don’t really shop on-line, I tried to join Ocado in the height of the first “stay at home” but guess what no delivery slots !

Oh well, are we coming to the end of the first quarter for the 21st century, where does the time go? Personally I planted a new tree on my allotment and I am hoping the other 5 might start to look a bit more healthy, fire blight on a pear tree, I think it’s bacterial but I am not 100% sure, I will have to google the RHS for more idea’s.

Good luck everyone for 2021, I hope that it’s a good year for you, what ever your wishes may be.

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