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There is a large amount of information for anyone going through financial change due to lockdown.   A brief synopsis is something like look at your budget decide what is necessary, prioritise it, and then stabilise everything. It is Easy to say keep your head when others are loosing theirs.

My main rambling to myself today is Carbon emissions, why do I feel the need to jump into the car to go to the shop. I mean I have 300 yards away a very good co-op with local gluten free food. I have a large Lidl, 750 yards away with everything you could possibly want; and a long walk over the either very dry or seemingly soaking wet meadow to Tesco’s again if the other two shops haven’t got what I NEED it will be in one of the other shops  !!  The problem carrying a bag or having a shopping trolley (Not cool a shopping trolley) think old ladies not middle aged men ! But really what a useful gadget the weight is taken on the wheels and all you have to do is pull. How difficult can it be, once we come out of lockdown.

#Stay Home

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